Instructors Going Forth

Joy of Persistence (The Send off)

Firearm Instructors,

The Fun, Joy & Satisfaction of teaching guns is key.  There is great pleasure in the building of honor.  Simple and true.  As we look forward to a horizon of long-term teaching of citizens defense of freedom by arms, we enjoy this calling and wonder at the many experiences we will come upon.  The challenges may be powerful, there may be set-backs that cause your intent to waiver- I say persist, endure, overcome by finding ways to adjust, rethink and excel.  You started something good and valuable…When teaching is hard, and everyone agrees that it will be…That is your opportunity to dig in, reinvest and see to it that you come true.  Raise your goals from the beginning and reflect on the commitment you made.  It is easy to back out.  It is easy to find problems that you don’t want to solve; character is revealed in the willingness to press forward, to re-ignite the flame that started your campaign and find deeper resolve to enjoy to the utmost the fun and satisfaction that many Instructors of Firearms have discovered and learned to keep.  Don’t be the one to yield to personality conflicts; don’t let your happiness en-route to the attainment of your aims be dampened by this hardship that we all face of dealing with one another and the occasional ornery student.  There will be these pains as human beings charged up over the privilege of sharing the keys to the use of ordained and endowed rights can be a bit blinded by enthusiasm and purpose, and some others are just plain knot-headed and like to wreck your day.  There is passion to this and passion is an expensive emotion, demanding sacrifice and real in-the-field forgiveness and resilience that doesn’t quit.  Think of these things; the secrets of preserving joy when going gets thick and clouds hide the sun.

There is a student who will come to you one day who’s way will be changed and blessed by knowledge of the truth of the right and means to protection of life.  Be there for that person.

A teacher of guns like any other.

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