PBGC – Pure Beginner Gun Class Dates

We teach a nice & easy version of NRA’s Basic Pistol that caters to the actual pure-beginner.

May 19, July 21, Sept 22, Oct 20.

Classes limited to 6 or 8 students.  It can be difficult to find a class that won’t go over your head if firearms knowledge and culture is unfamiliar.  There are two reasons for this: Instructors just can’t remember what it was like to not know the basics so they tend to talk at their own pace rather than find the pace that the student will best absorb; and two, fast tends to be more fun than slow, so classes usually speed up.

Our enjoyment in instructing is derived from your satisfaction.  The more you actually learn and the more obstacles you overcome the more pleased you are.  We keep it basic and have fun properly catering to the actual beginner.

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