Introducing MQP

Many people buy a gun, learn the basics of operation and don’t get much further.  This is unfortunate.  One of the problems that we often see with this scenario is that the gun owner tends to be uncomfortable with the firearm.

Hearing someone read you the safety rules is very different from making them your own and learning how to live with them on the range and at home.  To feel comfortable with the potency embodied in your gun, you need to memorise a set of safety system rules and keep them in awareness.  An amount of gun handling is also necessary to accomplish the comfortable connection with your equipment that you would like to have.

The Winchester / National Rifle Association Marksmanship Qualification Program

The MQP gives you a fun and interesting way to make your range time bear the fruit of improved shooting ability.  The booklet is available in some firearm stores and can be acquired from NRA.  We walk people through an introduction to this system if it is difficult to get started on your own.

MQP is a self-paced self-managed activity.  It doesn’t require a club or team, though friends and family can participate together.  Once you know the ropes you can carry along on your own timing.