Refuse To Be A Victim Seminars

IDW-Feb-2014-Suzanne-Instr-Rescue-Tool--Pan-CropWe enjoy presenting these great seminars FREE! to the community monthly.  Certified Instructor, Suzanne Masterson, is the primary instructor for these offerings.  Regional Counselor of RTBAV, Guy Masterson adds key portions and volunteer certified instructors contribute also on occasion. Fulfill your sense of duty about getting safer and doing your part to empower loved ones to be more prepared and knowledgeable against crime.  There are no firearms in this special outreach course; the focus is on common sense awareness and clever strategies….

IDW 2016 Guy Instructing Seminar Gesture

Guy Instructing Portion of Feb 2016 Seminar

Spend three hours wisely!  Seating is limited to 10 and we build rosters three months out.  Get in touch and get on the list!

Remember, once you sign up for yourself or party, you are occupying spots in the seminar.  Please mark your calendars carefully and arrive 10 minutes before the seminar begins.  If for any reason you cannot attend, please notify us so that we may provide your spots to people on the reserve list.  Thank you, thank you!

Click here to see video courtesy of the NRA website:  I want to REFUSE To Be A Victim!

Feb 2012 Class

March 2011 Refuse To Be A Victim Seminar

Refuse To Be A Victim Seminar in Grand Junction, Colorado 2011 – Instructor, Guy Masterson. This one is in the Goodwill Industries conference room (near Mesa Mall).

This is a crime prevention seminar that was built in 1993.  It has been rolling down the road, being put on across the country by certified instructors ever since.  It has been adjusted and updated regularly to ensure that you are getting the best, most current information and influence to help you prevent the damaging effects of the many types of criminal activity.

What do students have to say?

Since I am the survivor of a violent attack and my husband works in the medical profession we are more conscious of our personal safety than most people, however, this seminar was invaluable to us.  It reinforced the precautions that we have taken, reminded us of dangers we need to be aware of, and brought up new ones that are there due to our rapidly changing world of cyberspace.  Guy’s presentation does not frighten you.  It just makes you conscious of the potential dangers and gives you the tools to be more self aware. -The Larsons

Excellent seminar.  Guy Masterson was a wonderful speaker & I really enjoyed the time spent.  3 hours went by quickly.           – Sandy

Contact us to get on the roster list!

IDW 2016 Suzanne Teaching Seminar Full

NRA’s Refuse To Be A Victim seminar, Grand Junction Colorado. Goodwill Industries conference room. Certified Instructor, Guy Masterson

We keep these seminars small to maintain a close, comfortable environment where people may have questions answered with greater attention than large crowds permit.  Additionally, we want people to feel comfortable sharing experiences and learning from one an other’s successes, failures and knowledge.  We see many wonderful forums develop with great participation and much mutual enrichment.

Pureland Security.  NRA by Strategy Resource International.

Suzanne Masterson, Certified Refuse Seminar Instructor

Michele, NRA CFI helps with Refuse Seminar Nov 2012

Suzanne with Refuse Class, July 2012

Michele, NRA CFI helps with July Refuse Seminar

The Daily Sentinel, of the Western Slope of the Rockies in Colorado, sent a reporter out to investigate Pureland Security’s Refuse To Be A Victim Seminar…

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You are invited to get on the roster in advance for our annual RTBAV Christmas, Mother’s Day & St. Patrick’s Day FREE seminars.  Do something colorful for loved ones at these special times of year…