Recommended Reading

I am fortunate to have received opportunity to write this morning on the Forth of July, a letter to a fellow who attended concealed carry permit authorization class and now has just completed Navy bootcamp and is studying to serve as Medic for Marines.  After walking the letter to the post box it occured to me the valuable impact the book recommendation enclosed may make on a person’s life and have decided to add these gems as they arise on a page at the back of the Pureland site.

Patriot’s History has become a, “Must read.”  Why?  Clear understanding of what makes America great has become rare.  It is not usually taught in high school or college.  To go through one’s life ignorant of the value of your country is wasteful; take the step and invest in this enriching perspective.  It is also of great interest to persons internationally as the United States is the headwaters of Liberty Protected by Constitution which has now spread to about 70 other nations.  It is important to cut through the smog and muck and collect clear vision of how freedom came to earth.      -Guy