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Thank you for considering becoming a certified instructor of NRA’s Refuse To Be A Victim Seminars!

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Suzanne Teaches Seminar Portion of 2016 Instructor Development Workshop


Suzanne Teaches Automotive Security in Seminar Portion of 2014 Instructor Development Workshop

Why is this such a rewarding activity?  Helping people tackle making responses to their concerns about criminal activity is action of much value.  People struggle powerfully with their view of the difficulties of the world circumstance.  Who knows how to guide others soundly to prevent or overcome these reality-based fears?  Soon, you will!

Consider what I call the Refuse Parallax: In the world, things are not as they seem.  Often a person is trying to work out inner situations through outer visions and realities.  What does the word “Parallax,” mean?  Parallax is the difference in what one sees based on changes in perspective.  Simply put, Parallax describes the differences in what a camera sees and what the person looking through the view window sees.  A variance in what is seen based on view angle or point.

Understanding the Refuse Parallax, the differing ways to see what the Refuse To Be A Victim Seminar really is, has made all the difference in being able to give consistent quality seminars according to students evaluations.  At first, the seminar looks like a flat presentation of crime prevention tips.  To be sure, it is this, but there is more to comprehend…

Back when NRA was considering how to respond to all the requests for help against criminal activity, a survey was issued to help dial in a vision for a most suitable offering that would benefit the citizenry.  From responses, we learned that people spend many hours with their minds revolving in fears that they never seem to get properly addressed.  RTBAV was therefore designed to serve as an antidote to this idle revolving.  The seminar feeds the public a method of dynamic response. Preparedness & awareness replace wondering what harm may come.  Practice replaces idle worry.

There are two more things, too:

RTBAV Seminars can be a lot of fun.  The challenge of finding ways to help people actually enjoy the arduous work of erasing fear keeps it interesting for the instructor.  Causing forums that welcome the sharing of some of the worst experiences and dreaded possibilities provide to the community a special opportunity for empowerment.

And finally, how valuable is a source of truly balanced and healthy personal protective training?

Your task is simple – show people, by your attitude and life philosophy that it is possible to be much safer without falling into traps of paranoia or extremism.  Represent the wisdom of sound personal awareness and techniques for the development of contingency threshold options (this means a readiness to take a specific action at a pre-decided point that is easily recognized {Without these, people tend to drift into victimization}).

Human beings are more than animals.  God has invested wonderful features that we often need some refreshing to hold in an active status.  Why is it so rewarding to lead NRA’s Refuse seminars?  Guiding people to the discovery of powerful life solutions always is…

IDW – Instructor Development Workshop

Regional Counselor of NRA’s Refuse To Be A Victim Teaches in the Pureland Security St Valentines Day IDW 2014

When you are ready to go through the official certification process, and would rather receive live input at more reasonable cost than take the online version (at greater expense!) please contact us and we’ll provide more details.

IDW April 21, 2012

The Instructor Development Workshop gives you the special opportunity to learn to offer these valuable seminars from people who have a successful track record.  Though NRA has cut back on the direct filing of student evaluations of firearm program offerings, these are still maintained and highly regarded as a way of knowing what is going on in the field.  The quality of the seminars is important as RTBAV represents the farthest outreach by the National Rifle Association to the general citizenry.

Citizens requested help and NRA delivered; now, you can help strengthen this continuity of meeting the need to learn how to make safety and diminish several key potentials for harm.

IDW 2016 Quiz

The Quiz Does Take Some Work

The Quiz is Open Book!

You will feel stretched, and happily so…

“I feel confident to be able to provide participants with relevant, up-to-date and thought provoking information!  Guy and Suzanne offered helpful suggestions, the NRA provided accurate and thorough information and delivery strategies, and it was enlightening to have true student participation with the live-class combination to be able to best learn 1st hand.  Thank You!”  -Lynn of Wyoming

“I felt our instructor was very knowledgeable & competent.  He included all students without singling out or belittling anyone.  He also provided a safe & comfortable learning environment.  We were encouraged as future instructors to think outside the box but to stay on track.”

“Its tremendous to join the NRA-RTBAV team, to get certified to help bring more safety awareness to my community.  Thanks to the folks of the NRA who created this seminar, and who continue in their dedication to support and grow it!”  Suzanne

“I Selected “Very Well,” on all of the above because I sincerly believe the training was well presented and confidently introduced – Truly a job well done, Thank You!”  Rick

“A wonderful class and seminar flowed step by step and provided multiple ideas for my classes.”  Bobby

Enactment of Local Crime Event From Newspaper Articles

Suzanne explains the rescue tool

IDW 2016 Instructor Candidate Randy Presenting

Instructor Candidate Randy Presenting RTBAV Content in IDW

IDW 2016 Guy Instructing Seminar Gesture