Firearm Instructor Certification

Pistol Instructor Certification course – April 2018

“Pureland Security has left a lifelong impression upon me as a pillar of promoting a safe and enthusiastic culture of firearm involvement in our country, homes, and as a part of our National Heritage & constitutional rights. Thank you!!!”

“I had heard from several people that I should take this course and now that I have, I agree. This was a great learning experience!!!”

BIT BOPS ILT April 2017 Sky Adventures Building Grand Junction Colorado

bbops-nov-2016-coach-pupil-range“The book of material is great.  I think it will be a great read + guide.  Not to many students made it easier to ask questions + discuss the information.  The course was set up very well for a person to be successful.  Demonstrations with TPI and how to use it where very well done.  Instructors were very knowledgeable in each subject.”    -Anonymous

“This class was awesome!  Though I was pushed out of my comfort zone many times, I feel like I will be a much better pistol instructor because of the hands on teaching, presenting and evaluating we learned.  I truly appreciate your commitment to safety and the example you set for students… Thanks for the enrichment opportunity!  Was well worth the 6 hour drive!”    -Venessa

BB June 2015 Open Doors Early Guy at Board“I was quite pleased at the flow and continuity of the class.  It’s great to not have to put up with a class that moves along by fits and jerks.  Some of the concepts and methodology were a bit awkward to my way of thinking but I now recognize the value of NRA’s approach.  I’m a convert!”   -Anonymous

BB June 2015 Class Pic on Range“The class size was perfect.  It allowed for plenty of teaching opportunities and a very comfortable teaching setting.  Both Guy + Suzanne are very knowledgeable, personable and helpful.  I found this class very valuable and something I will refer to friends and to others.”     -Anonymous

“Both Guy & Suzanne work well together and keep the entire class engaged.  Guy is very knowledgeable but does not come across as overbearing.  I have been in classes where if you do or say something the instructor belittles you, but I never felt that way here.  Both instructors were very calm at the shooting range which made everyone (all levels) comfortable.”   -Anonymous

“Thank you for the cake!  This was a very educational and enriching environment that allowed both the novice and retired to learn and grow.  The Pureland Security Team complimented each other very well both as dual instructors, male & female, but also as an example of strong marital unity.  Thank you for your time and positive inspiration.”  -Cole

“Class flow went very well.  A lot of attention to teaching + coaching for the students.  A lot of information covered, but was still a relaxed atmosphere.  Was not sure before arriving about the teammate idea, but turned out very beneficial.  Great facilities.  Guy & Suzanne definitely have a passion & desire to share their knowledge and training.”  – Anonymous, Autumn BB 2013

“I really enjoyed this course from the selection process to the very end.  I believe the selection process brought together a good group of individuals with different experience and background that turned in to a great team training environment and positive learning environment where everyone was encouraged and evaluated productively.  At this time I don’t believe there is anything I would change.”  -Anonymous, Autumn BB 2013
“I really did enjoy the class and it’s contents.  I really liked the pace of the class and the amount of material covered each day.  I liked the student presentations and the positive but useful feed back given by the instructors.  The attention to firearms safety was outstanding but very positive if it happened.  Overall the class is extremely useful in more areas than just becoming instructors.”  -Anonymous, Autumn BB 2013
“The Pureland Security NRA Basic Pistol Instructor class fully met my expectations.  Guy Masterson generally set clear expectations for the students before and during the course.  We spent significant time teaching the content rather than simply learning it.  This is perhaps the best part of the course!  I was also tremendously impressed with Guy’s experience as a firearms instructor.  This was most evident when we discussed how to appropriately handle challenging students.  If you take this course I expect you will be fully satisfied with the instruction you receive and the opportunity to learn how to teach others.  This is not just a learning course it’s also a doing course, both in the classroom and on the range.  Highly recommended!”     -Mickey
“The training put on by Pureland Security far exceeded my expectations, because I thought I was just attending yet another Firearms class. The class really opened new windows of opportunity for me, by providing me with good wholesome professional training in a relaxed atmosphere. I truly enjoyed the training offered because Pureland made me a part of the experience the whole time. I’d have to add that my personal favorite part of the training was the teaching of skills, as this really allowed me to witness how I was learning and absorbing what Pureland was trying to get across to me. I feel that anyone truly seeking to become an NRA certified instructor can in no possible way go wrong with the quality of instruction offered by Pureland Security, it definitely is by far a win, win, situation.  I now feel that they have surely provided the necessary building blocks needed to go on to become the best instructor that I can be. I’d also like to add That once you’ve completed your course of instruction with Pureland Security, It does not end right there, as they are with you every step of the way, through guidance and help any time you find you should need it. The people at Pureland Security want you to succeed and it clearly shows in their professionalism.”      -Mike
“This weekend was probably one of the best times I’ve ever had taking a class.  First of all my classmates were great and I was able to learn as much from them as I did from the class in general.  The hands on teaching helped me so much, as this is how I learn (by doing).  The course is put together very well with some awesome teachers.  I can’t wait to enroll in more instructor courses.”  -Zack
“I attended the Pureland Security NRA Firearms Instructor Certification 2011 training course.  Guy and Suzanne’s team-teaching approach made the course informative, concise, comfortable, and highly enjoyable.  As a Martial Arts Instructor with over 35-years of experience I was highly impressed with not-only the presentation of the material itself, but the tips and instruction on HOW to present the material as a future instructor, and the connotations with the use of force; topics that are missing from many ‘Train the Instructor’ type courses .  The relaxed atmosphere made learning and presenting easy.  I highly recommend Pureland Security for anyone that is looking for Firearms instruction or looking to become a Firearms Instructor themselves.”  -Don
“I just completed the NRA Basic Pistol Instructors Class with Pureland Security and all I can say is WOW. NRA has put together a complete guideline for the course that easy to follow and covers all of their time tested safety practices and knowledge of pistols. Pureland Security, headed by Guy Masterson with the support of his wife and partner Suzanne Masterson, provide a plethora of experience and knowledge. I pushed myself through the fear of failure and apprehension about the unknown and am richer for it. Not only are you given the tools and skills to become an effective NRA Basic Pistol Instructor you gain with a few life skill gems. Guy stresses the importance of teaching safe gun handling and the advantage of teamwork. You use those skills in hands on teaching practices and team building assignments. An individual can accomplish great things but, a team of individuals can accomplish greater things. Guy and Suzanne have a masterful (no pun intended) way of nurturing your confidence and leading a team with a positive supporting attitude. I would highly recommend this class for anyone with the desire to become a NRA Certified Instructor, maybe you too will gain riches in many little gems of knowledge and if you’re lucky you will get to work with Early, the Wonder Dog.”      -Gail

I think this last point by Gail is important.

Mentor-ship is available and optional.  You are also welcome to become certified and conduct your progression on you own.  We use this instructor agreement should you choose to develop with us to clarify accountability expectations:
Please click link to bring up high print-quality pdf versionGroundRules
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BIT /BP – Basic Instructor Training / Basic Pistol


Why choose Pureland Security as your guide to getting started as an instructor?

Good question, and one you should ask.  We have made it our special goal to convey NRA just exactly the way NRA wants it done.  Consider this: the National Rifle Association has been around since 1871.  A tremendous amount of research and tried and true results come with the special training presentation formats that NRA offers.  While we have nothing against groups that develop unique hybrid offerings or responsibly adapt courses, there’s got to be potent medicine in keeping them just like they are.  NRA is an important organization in the fight to keep America true to her roots.  We find much merit in being faithful to this carefully developed system that delivers what citizens need and want.

You want to be trained with our points of emphasis

TPI: Total Participant Involvement

This is the effort to include students and connect them to the maximum in a dynamic process of material sharing.  This excellent instructional method produces more confident and knowledgeable students.  Even more important is the opportunity provided to create correct, positive attitude within the participating student.  The connections made are high quality and the satisfaction one gains from instructing firearms is elevated when the TPI methodology is truly applied.

The Sandwich

The Sandwich technique of effective feedback and evaluation is of great importance in the NRA instructional system.  It takes some care and interest to learn to use this special mode of communicating with students.  The first piece of bread is formed by statements recognizing positive aspects of a student’s presentation, conduct, shooting, way of speaking…The meat in the middle are suggestions for growth or improvement that avoid becoming criticism.  Even, “Constructive criticism,” is avoided so that the firearms student eating the sandwich of commentary has a more flavorful experience.  The top slice of bread is another wave of citing positive aspects of the instructee’s performance.  The Sandwich technique of feedback and evaluation works great in many other areas of life, too!

Our Commitment to Your Success

At Pureland Security, we value firearms instructors.  We respect your interest in taking the step to be properly prepared, certified & insured for this special role.  There are challenges faced by an instructor of firearms that are more easily overcome when good-natured guidance is provided.  Even a great amount of personal shooting experience does not equip a person to serve well as an instructor to others.  There is much communication involved and one’s manner in the classroom and on the range are areas that require cultivation and experience.

You are welcome to get certified and move along on your own path or engage our assistance in developing competence.  In group instructional circumstances there can be personnel dynamics that limit what we can offer in a specific period or to an instructor of a specific personality type.  We will do our best to be supportive and provide what opportunities we can.

Valuing & Encouraging Woman Instructors


Ladies-Only Pistol Instructor Certification Nov 2016

One of the reasons we run NRA’s Basic Pistol is for the sake of well serving the true beginner.  Our monthly class through our Graceful Guns division is more involved.  There are many supremely accomplished woman shooters.  Generally speaking, women out-shoot men due to a simplicity of approach and less bad habits that permits a direct application of fundamentals.  Women instructors have a special role in society these days and at Pureland Security, we are committed to maintain the environment elements that support success.  There are challenges particular to the woman instructor and we work to be aware and supportive.

Emily, Gail & Mary Lou at Instructor Certification Training

Pull Up Letter To Woman Instructor Candidates:   Woman Power

Your gun-teaching passion is gold to us

How much does the way you get into instructing affect how things go?  To you, Pureland Security means a supportive environment where there is belief in your potential and the ability to coach you through obstacles.

Joy of Persistence (The Send off)

Firearm Instructors,

The Fun, Joy & Satisfaction of teaching guns is key.  There is great pleasure in the building of honor.  Simple and true.  As we look forward to a horizon of long-term teaching of citizens defense of freedom by arms, we enjoy this calling and wonder at the many experiences we will come upon.  The challenges may be powerful, there may be set-backs that cause your intent to waiver- I say persist, endure, overcome by finding ways to adjust, rethink and excel.  You started something good and valuable…When teaching is hard, and everyone agrees that it will be…That is your opportunity to dig in, reinvest and see to it that you come true.  Raise your goals from the beginning and reflect on the commitment you made.  It is easy to back out.  It is easy to find problems that you don’t want to solve; character is revealed in the willingness to press forward, to re-ignite the flame that started your campaign and find deeper resolve to enjoy to the utmost the fun and satisfaction that many Instructors of Firearms have discovered and learned to keep.  Don’t be the one to yield to personality conflicts; don’t let your happiness en-route to the attainment of your aims be dampened by this hardship that we all face of dealing with one another and the occasional ornery student.  There will be these pains as human beings charged up over the privilege of sharing the keys to the use of ordained and endowed rights can be a bit blinded by enthusiasm and purpose, and some others are just plain knot-headed and like to wreck your day.  There is passion to this and passion is an expensive emotion, demanding sacrifice and real in-the-field forgiveness and resilience that doesn’t quit.  Think of these things; the secrets of preserving joy when going gets thick and clouds hide the sun.

There is a student who will come to you one day who’s way will be changed and blessed by knowledge of the truth of the right and means to protection of life.  Be there for that person.

A teacher of guns like any other.