At Your Club

We travel to bring you a higher quality of training at your club.

The certification of Firearm Instructors and/or RSOs – Range Safety Officers can be essential towards growing and maintaining your membership.  Pureland Security provides you the answer you may need.  Some clubs report having had difficulties with trainers spanning the gamut from undependable attitude, low safety standards and non-compatible with women’s & children’s programs, to lapsed trainer certifications and insufficient competence.

Here are candidate comments from what we call a MBB – Mobile BB – (This means an National Rifle Association B.I.T. – Basic Instructor Training on the Specific Discipline of Basic Pistol that we run Mobile- bringing the dependability & experience your club need to your geographic location):

“Complete professional instruction from beginning to end.  A fun and upbeat NRA instructor program that fuels the desire to teach.” -Bobby Morgan, Contractor with Homeland Security & Active in Managing Club Children’s Programs.

“The course is to teach you to be an instructor.  Well organized, interactive and fun.  Relaxed learning environment.  Good team instruction.  Both Guy & Suzanne are very knowledgeable on NRA training procedures and handguns generally.” -Troy, retired Highway Patrol

“This course was great for individual who want to get involved in teaching, but who may not have all the knowledge.” -Wendy, Club Secretary

“Wow!, opened my eyes to a pistol instruction format and how to show the uninformed.  Good solid instruction.” -James

You know what it means to take responsibility for charting your club’s way into the future of advancing the use of firearms.

Club Secretary, Wendy, contemplates...

What qualities do you want in an instructor & RSO certification program?  What messages do you want to see conveyed to your developing membership?

For some of your members who may respond to careful training & excel in teaching, it is not practical to travel to an unknown place for a certification process.  They are comfortable in the firearm familiar club atmosphere and bringing the right course to them can be a big key.