Basics of Pistol Shooting – Web Based +

This is a special program for anyone who wants to know about pistols!!

You start with an online course, at your own pace, in the comfort of your own home.  The web based learning program is very well made – you will be pleased that you can replay sections your feel may involve some challenge to your understanding.

Progressing through the online modules gives you opportunity to really digest many aspects of pistol management.

When you are ready, and have successfully completed the web-based portion called “Phase One”, you then come to class with certified instructors to help you make sure you can apply what you learned safely and with proper guidance.  The class and range portion is called, “Phase Two.”

Certified Instructor, Suzanne Masterson, teaches stance & grip.

Pistols are a unique category of firearm.  The kind of thorough, responsible and clear instruction that you receive through this blended learning program puts you on the road to confidence.

 Coaching on the range helps you put it all together…

…Students are surprised how well they can shoot.

Having studied the basic knowledge about pistols through the online course gives you the advantage when you arrive to class and to the range because you know exactly what you will be receiving and are already grounded in the proper understandings necessary for success!

Suzanne Coaching

We have pistols you can use.  Rather than go out and buy a gun that may not be the one you would choose after class – having the benefit of knowledge and recommendations, as well as insight into some of the reasons why many people buy pistols that don’t suit them effectively – use ours first, then make your purchase when you are ready?  Do you know all the differences between revolvers and automatics? (This is covered in the online course!)

You may be thinking about personal defense.  The NRA’s Basics of Pistol Shooting is a great first step.  We also offer Pure Beginner Gun Class and the DPR – Defensive Pistol Refresher good for CCP in Colorado.  These links take you to Elephant Mountain Firearm Training website – the parent organization of Pureland Security.

You may be simply wanting a start in firearms heritage or to provide your children or grand children with a great quality learning environment to advance their knowledge and diminish fear about this valuable tool.

Firearm Safety is a wonderful area to teach kids responsibility

We accept students as young as 8 years old that attend with a responsible guardian.  We are fully certified, insured and experienced.

The Basics of Pistol Shooting is a great NRA course.  Blended learning, combining online modules, classroom and range activity is a wave of the future in firearm education!