Gun Cleaning Portion of Basic Pistol Class


Certified Firearms Instructor Joe Norris

Joe Norris,
Lifetime Gun Enthusiast,
District Manager for Cameron Surface Systems
NRA Certified Firearms Instructor

Certified Firearms Instructor Clayton Nobles teaches

Clayton Nobles
NRA Certified Firearms Instructor

Inside Perspective on Pureland Security Training Group:  THE RIGHT STUFF


Instructor Jenn Shook Coaching on the firing line

Certified Firearms Instructor Jenn Shook teaches pistol sight alignment in Pure-beginner Gun Glass









Jennifer Shook
The Legal Center, Rights Advocate
NRA Certified Firearms Instructor



Suzanne in Pure-Beginner Gun Class Demonstrates Shooting Stance

Suzanne Masterson
Operations Secretary, The Strong Company, S.R.I., LLC
NRA Certified Firearms Instructor
Certified NRA Refuse To Be A Victim Seminar Leader

Chief Training Counselor, Guy Masterson, gives talk on defensive pistol at local Cabelas store

Guy on Range







Guy Masterson,
Certified Training Counselor
Chief Range Safety Officer
Regional Counselor,
Refuse To Be A Victim Seminars
Business Consultant & Troubleshooter,
The Strong Company,
Strategy Resource International, LLC
Certified Firefighter





“It is our goal to provide you the right atmosphere

to absorb top quality gun safety and skill training”