Classic Range Sessions


strategy is applied through knowledge of the rules of motion

To Effectively Keep A Firearm For Defensive Purposes We Must Enjoy Managing Our Time on the Range

If you are familiar with the game of chess, you know that the Castle / Rook moves in a line to any distance, the Bishop moves only on the diagonals and the Knight Jumps 2 and over one.

These are the rules of motion of the pieces.

The pieces of the full picture of defensive firearm ownership include: selecting the right gun that suits the intended purposes and fits well, maintenance- including cleaning and lubrication, proper storage, training everyone in the household on firearm safety, learning the laws that apply locally, ammunition management and practice.

There are many rules to each of these facets of firearm ownership.  Putting all the pieces together and building healthy strategy into your handling of these elements can be fun; and it is a responsibility.

We don’t want students to complete training and then run into difficulties with ownership logistics that land a great gun in a musty old drawer.  Contact us if you run into a hurdle and would like some help to get your system running.

As NRA Instructors, we are here for you should you want help knocking the rust off skill acquired years back, or for regular range outings to keep your hand-eye coordination precise.

We teach both personal protection style shooting fundamentals and introduce shooters to the Winchester / NRA Marksmanship Qualification Program.  The MQP provides a fun way to build skill during range outings using a special system of targets, timing and scoring.  MQP is a self-paced honor system of increasing target shooting levels of skill.